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      Shoreditch Carpet Cleaning are the first professional carpet cleaning service I've used. They managed to sort my carpet right out, and my whole home looks so much cleaner and fresher now.
Izzy Chains19/05/2020
      Carpet Cleaner Shoreditch was an awesome company to hire. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a cleaning service!
Melissa M.19/09/2019
     To be honest I wasn't expecting such a good quality for the price, but the upholstery cleaning that Carpet Cleaning Company Shoreditch did was so good it made my stuff look like new. Turns out you really can get good quality for cheap price.
Bear Wilt30/03/2018
     ShoreditchCarpetCleaners are reliable, professional and they don't charge extortionate amounts either. They did a very good job when I hired them for my one-off home clean, and everything was spotless. A job well done from a company I'd use again.
Nathan Willis29/01/2015
     Got to applaud ShoreditchCarpetCleaners for their recent efforts in getting my house up to scratch. I've been dreading the big clean up for a while, putting it off for ages. It was finally after I heard about their services from a friend that I took the plunge. Just wish I'd done it sooner. The difference they've made is outstanding and you can tell just as soon as your walk through the door. I had thought that there's only so much difference that they'll be able to make but boy, was I wrong. Great service.
E. Jennings07/01/2015
     My mother lives alone and she is quite frail. My brother and I take it in turns to go round and help her with shopping and deal with her washing and housework but cleaning is something that takes a lot of time and we wanted to hire a cleaning company to do it for us. ShoreditchCarpetCleaners have done an excellent job and they are very reliable. My mother's home is always clean and fresh and they come twice a week with all the cleaning materials they need and do a really professional clean for her, which saves us a lot of time and hassle.
Alexandra F.05/11/2014
     I work as a freelancer and I often meet with clients in my own home or I'm always rushing in and out. Amidst all the chaos of my routine (if I can call it that) I always needed a cleaning agency that could get work done efficiently and be out of the house quickly. I just do not have the time to spend hours overseeing a team, so when I heard of ShoreditchCarpetCleaners and their cleaning service, I decided to give them a call. Now, whether I'm rushing between meetings or preparing to attend to a project and I need my home cleaned I know I can count on the pros to get the job done without any delays or holdups.
Monica Alberts19/09/2014
     After my 17 year old daughter dyed her hair bright green in our family bathroom, I was sure I would never see the bath its original colour again. I looked at some home solutions for removing hair dye, and after lots of frustration caved and called ShoreditchCarpetCleaners as surely a professional cleaning company would know how to remove stubborn stains? When my cleaner arrived, I was impressed at how efficient and fast she was, and most importantly of all, she was incredibly reasonable! Now I know where to turn next time my daughter decides to make a mess of the bathroom!
     I am a landlord of student properties and I use ShoreditchCarpetCleaners's carpet cleaning service after every tenant leaves. Although I try to install carpets that don't show much dirt, students always seem able to make a bit of a mess! These carpet cleaners are quick, professional and affordable, and they leave the carpets looking as if they're brand new, even removing tough stains! This is a great cleaning service and they provide great care that helps me to present beautiful looking properties to potential new tenants every single year. I'm more than happy with this service and can't recommend their experienced cleaners enough!
Nick Leipers08/07/2014
     I had been struggling with various things in my life and I was finding it hard to find any time to relax between the stress of things and the mess in my home. I couldn't stand being in a messy home but I didn't have the motivation to get it done. I decided that calling a cleaning firm would be the best solution so I did just that. I contacted ShoreditchCarpetCleaners and they were able to clean up my entire abode within few days and now it looks better than it ever did. I may still face many challenges but thanks to them, I can at least unwind in a spotless house.
Anthony Brown20/06/2014
     I wanted my upholstered furniture refreshing instead of buying new replacement furniture, so I decided to hire a specialist firm to do the job. My sister gave me the details of a firm she had used and was pleased with. So I gave them a call for more details about the upholstery services and costs. ShoreditchCarpetCleaners were great from the first contact with the friendly and helpful call centre, to the actual work done by the professional cleaners. The team was great throughout. The job was done using effective techniques that were environmentally friendly and safe. My furniture looks absolutely brilliant, really bright and clean.
Sally Farmer26/05/2014
     Would just like to recommend ShoreditchCarpetCleaners to others out there who like me may be seeking some help to look after their homes. After doing a massive search on the internet and asking around I decided to use this company because their feedback rating was extremely high and I have to say I am not disappointed at all, they really are as fantastic as people say and if you hire them you will not be disappointed either. They help me out on a weekly basis now and I'm so grateful for their hard work and commitment which makes my life so much easier!
     I chose my new office cleaning team after hearing about the company from a work friend of mine. He hired ShoreditchCarpetCleaners for his office cleaning and was very quick to recommend them to me after such good experienced. I had quite high hopes for the company and wasn't left feeling disappointed in any way whatsoever! The cleaners I hire are very thorough and efficient, and more importantly, they don't interrupt any of the work going on in my office! A wonderful solution to the problem of finding reliable office cleaners, and very affordable compared to lots of other cleaning companies out there!
Lillian R.17/04/2014
     Best cleaning service I've ever experienced was ShoreditchCarpetCleaners. I've just moved away from the area, but I wanted to log on and say thanks for the many, many times in which you guys helped me out. My home has a tendency to get a bit untidy (understatement) quite quickly (also an understatement), and they immediately understood my woes. As such, they were round every now and again, cleaning and making sure that I didn't have to put up with my sub-par cleaning skills. With that in mind, you should certainly be in touch with them for any cleaning required.
     If you are someone who likes to feel in control of the household, but does not have the time to do all the work themselves, then I recommend using ShoreditchCarpetCleaners. I have had them round every week or so for a good few years now, and I am still impressed by the level of commitment that they give the cleaning jobs. The hope is that they are not spending all their energy on my house and can give you a similarly excellent service at yours!
     I have had the same three-piece-suite for almost thirty years now, and many of my friends don't understand how I keep it looking so fresh. OK, it doesn't get quite as much action as it used to as I have grown older, but I don't let any of them into my secret. You see every year a team from ShoreditchCarpetCleaners visits with their little gadgets and gives my sofa and armchairs a thorough clean. It doesn't cost much, so in the long-run these guys have probably saved me a fortune and I am incredibly grateful for their sterling service. Looking forward to the next clean!
R. Endicott30/01/2014

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